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Age Group: 4+                                          Age Group: 4+

                      FAIRY TALES                                                     KELOGLAN

                         BY KITTEN                                                     (BALDBOY)

                                                     Specifications                                        Specifications

                                                   Pages   :  384                                        Pages   :  80
                                                   Format  :  125 x 165 mm                               Format   :  215 x 305 mm
                                                   Binding  :  Hardback                                  Binding   :  Paperback
                                                   ISBN   :  978-605-383-699-5                           ISBN   :  978-975-381-820-9

             Exciting adventures do not only support reading           Anatolia was the home to one of the most important
             skills, but also they mention values like; sincerity, love,   tale figure Keloglan, Baldboy. Welcome to the
             loyalty, telling the truth, sharing, justness, respect, etc.   fascinating world of this little intelligent boy, Keloglan.

                                                                         “I am the angel of death. Your time on earth is finished and
                           MASAL SAATi      MASAL SAATi                 I have come to  take you with me. Order your men to load all
                                                                        your clothes and jewels on to the donkey.”
                 soon as he  caught  the  baby fox, he                   The Sultan fulfilled all Keloğlan’s commands and while they
                 brought him home. When  they  were                     were going downstairs, the guards saluted them in respect.
                 about to eat the baby fox with his kids,               Keloğlan took the Sultan into his shop and he put him in a box
                                                                        there. Then He locked the cover of the box. At night, he set out
                 the mother of that baby fox appeared.                  with the loaded donkeys.
                 When she could not see her baby back                    Months  went  by  and  he  passed  a  long  and  tiresome
                 at their place, she realized that the eagle            journey until one day he reached his country.
                 kidnapped her baby. She shouted out
                 to the eagle:
                  — “Dear Eagle, don’t do it!  Don’t
                 harm my baby! Return him to me!’’ she
                                                                                                    Keloğlan  came  straight  to  the  Sultan’s  palace  and  he
                 begged.                                                                           spread out all the clothes, goods and jewels on the ground
                  The eagle put his head out of the nest                                           before  the  Sultan’s  throne,  “Your  Majesty,”  said  Keloğlan.
                 and answered:                                                                     “These valuable things are present from me to you and these
                                                                                                   goods are dowry for your daughter.” He opened the last box.
                                                                                                    “Here is the Sultan of India” he exlaimed. “He is a    nervous
                  — No, I won’t. Come and  get him                                                 and arrogant Sultan.”
                 yourself, if you can. You can’t climb up                                           At that time, a man got out of the box crying bitterly. He
                                                                                                   bowed before the Sultan in great fear, for he thought that he
                          30                         31                                            was in the presence of the angel of death.  7
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