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Age Group: 4+                                                                                                                    Age Group: 4+

                          FAIRY TALES                                            FAIRY TALES

                      BY LITTLE LAMB                                                 BY PUPPY

                                                      Specifications                                            Specifications

                                                    Pages   :  384                                            Pages   :  384
                                                    Format  :  125 x 165 mm                                   Format  :  125 x 165 mm
                                                    Binding  :  Hardback                                      Binding  :  Hardback
                                                    ISBN   :  978-605-383-698-8                               ISBN   :  978-605-383-700-8

               Exciting adventures do not only support reading skills, but also they mention values like; sincerity, love, loyalty, telling
               the truth, sharing, justness, respect, etc. When children read these fairytales, they will identify themselves with the
               main characters and become absorbed in the course of events. Through the stories presented to them in this series,
               children will learn how to react to different matters and how to solve problems.

                                                                                 Fairy Tales by Puppy  Fairy Tales by Puppy
                                 MASAL SAATi  MASAL SAATi
                        —   Didn’t your grandparents                                                 Mr. Goldsmith, he said.  What is  this
                        or parent tell you any                                                       thing that I’ve found in garbage?
                        stories before. I will take
            Value Education  The kid told all the tales that he knew.                                of that pearl? He only cared about a few
                                                                                                      — It’s a pearl, said the goldsmith.
                        those, said the storyteller.
                                                                                                      How could the rooster know the value
                         — Of course they  did,
                        said the kid. I know a lot
                                                                                                     wheat seeds that he could eat with joy.
                        of tales. I can sell you all
                                                                                                     Whoever gives him the food, he gives
                      of them.
                                                                                                     them the pearl.
                                                                                                      — Take this pearl and give me some
                 Uncle Storyteller gave him some coins.
                 The  kid started running through  the
                 shop, excitedly. Then other kids began                                              food, said the rooster.
                                                                                                      The  goldsmith was really surprised.
                 to tell all the tales that they knew, one                                           How  could someone exchange a
                 by one. All of them  got their coins in                                             priceless pearl with some cheap food.
                 return. The shop in the town was full of
                 kids that day.
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