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Age Group: 6+                                                                                                                    Age Group: 4+

                                          WORLD FAMOUS SHADOW PLAY

                         KARAGÖZ and HACIVAT (Hard Cover)

                                                    World-famous shadow play Karagoz and Hacivat. Anatolia has
                                                    hosted a variety of cultures like Hittite, Urartu, Lydian, Byzantine,
                                                    Seljuks and Ottomans. This is the most famous shadow play of
                                                    Anatolian culture will make your children laugh and think.

                                                                                           Hacivat: Come on, Bekir! Don’t get mad at Karagöz
                                                                                               and feel sad. He is always like this. Please
                                                                                               forgive him. And we had come here to ask for
                                                                                               your help. Keloğlan is lost, we have to find
                                                                                               him. His mother’s eyes are full of tears like
                                                            Crazy Bekir:  You fool! Are you kidding me? My name is
                                                                 Crazy Bekir! I am not the one you want to   Karagöz: What? Does water flow from two fountains? Let’s get the
                                                                 mess with!              buckets and fill them up.
                                                           Karagöz: You are already messed up, look at you! You   Crazy Bekir: Hey my destiny, my destiny! No one ever messes with us!
                                                               are blowing fire out!      If anything bad happens to Keloğlan, I will burn everything
                                                                                          up. Oh God! Let’s get started.
                                                           Crazy Bekir: Hey! Don’t hold me back.
                                                                                     Karagöz:  Wow, wow, wow!.. Ohh my knees, I watch Hacivat like a fool.
                                                                                         Ohh my feet, how could I stall Cavcav? Why did I listen to
                                                                                         Cavcav, huh?
                                                                                     Hacivat:  I have a candy, that I will filter in scarf, be patient
                                                                                         Karagöz,  so little is left to see.
                  Titles   :  1
                  Pages   :  80
                  Format   :  215 x 305 mm
                  Binding   :  Paperback
                  ISBN   :  869-791-120-978-7
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